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Valor is a brand of fire products that are manufactured by Miles Industries, a Canadian company founded in 1977 by Garry and Barbara Miles. Miles Industries possesses years of experience in the home heating industry. They approached Valor seeking exclusive Canadian distributorship and signed an agreement in 2001 to manufacture all Valor branded products.

The company has a rich history of innovating some of the first-ever technologies used in the home heating industry. In 1986, Valor designed and sold the first-ever direct vent room sealed fireplace. They have since grown to become a household name in the fire industry. Today, Valor produces a range of gas fireplace products including some of the best insert series in the world.

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Valor Gas Fireplace Inserts

Valor Gas Fireplace Inserts

Portrait Inserts come in a variety of fireplace fronts that complement not only traditional but also contemporary room settings. You will be amazed by the diversity of features this collection has to offer.

Valor RetroFire Insert

RetroFire Insert allows you to turn the existing fireplace into an energy-efficient heat source and keep the heat inside your place instead of keeping it up the chimney.

Valor G3 Insert

Thanks to its easy-to-use and energy-saving features, G3 is considered one of the top-selling radiant gas inserts.

Valor G3 Classic Insert

A simplified design of this Insert type includes all of the essentials, from ceramic logs and non-thermostatic remote control to radiant warmth and glowing flames. Keep in mind that the Classic Insert comes prepackaged with a clean design front.

Valor G3.5 Insert

Over 20 years of design innovation allows G3.5 Insert to be one of the most radiant, high-efficient, and on top of that, one of the most ultimate in comfort control.

Valor G4 Insert

G4 Insert can perfectly fit large fireplace openings yet leave presence or performance as is. This allows you to enjoy a flame area along with an appealing proportional surround.

Gas Fireplaces

LX2 Multi-Sided

Valor's multi-sided linear fireplace is ideal for perpendicular rooms and now offers two engine styles to choose from. The 3-Sided engine is designed for 180-degree enjoyment, while the Corner engines offer design flexibility. The LX2 provides outstanding radiant heat performance that will heat any living space.

LX1 Pier

The LX1 Pier easily fits into any home, creating two rooms out of one or easing the transition from one to another. Whatever side you take, enjoy the soothing warmth of our Enhanced Flame in this radiant fire. The LX1 Pier takes advantage of more room shapes and sizes than ever before. Compact with large viewing areas, the LX1 boasts impressive radiant heat output.

L3 Linear

The L3 is Valor's largest linear gas fireplace. At 66 ¼ inches, the L3 is noticeably wider than the L2 and features the newly introduced birch log and stacked stone liner media options. Due to its highly efficient design, the L3 utilizes standard 6 ⅝" ventilation systems making it a practical option with a simple installation.

Gas Stoves

Madrona Stove

Available in arched, square, and modern styles, the Madrona projects warmth and ambiance in any living space. In addition to the clean lines and cast-iron craftsmanship, this functional unit provides energy-efficient, radiant heating throughout your home.

Portrait President Stove

Crafted with detail and inspired by a classic design, the President Freestanding Stove is perfect for upgrading traditional spaces. Extending a mere 13 inches into the room, the President’s compact design leaves plenty of space for additional home styling and decor.

Electric Fireplaces

New Forest Electric 48 Inch

The New Forest Electric 48" takes flame technology to the next level. The LED flame visuals offer deep, realistic fires and spread throughout the reflective liner, utilizing every angle. The signature logs are crafted from high-quality materials that perfectly fit together to capture every detail you would expect to see when walking in the New Forest.

New Forest Electric 63 Inch

The 63" New Forest electric fireplace offers beautiful fire bed visuals with award-winning flame effects that span the full length of the fireplace. The signature logs are crafted to capture every detail of a natural log. This fireplace is a worthy addition to any room.

LEX3 60 Inch

The LEX3 electric fireplace is perfect for larger rooms, offering three stunning log options in Birch, Driftwood, and Splitwood. Relax with the mood-enhancing ultra-realistic flame effects with three colour styles as well as a large range of under-bed LED lighting options.

LEX4 72 Inch

The LEX4 is our largest electric fireplace. With a 71" viewing area it is perfectly suited to create a stunning focal point that will enhance even the largest of rooms. Customers have the option to install the LEX4 in front, corner, or 3-sided configurations—the only limit is your imagination.

LEX2 50 Inch

Gone are the days when an electric fire was the last option if you could not install a gas or solid fuel appliance. Modern electric fires are now the pinnacle of design and the first choice for the discerning consumer who wants looks, ease of use and the latest in technology.

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