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Furnace Repair Orangeville

The last thing you want to deal with, in the midst of a bone chilling winter, is a furnace on the fritz! Thankfully, the team at Headwaters Heating and Cooling is available to help around the clock, with fast, affordable, and reliable furnace repair service in Orangeville. Offering 24/7 emergency repair services, our leading team of licensed furnace technicians will ensure that you are never kept in the cold for long.

  • Access to Orangeville’s leading Furnace Repair Team when you need it most.

While we specialize in the installation and maintenance of Bryant Furnaces, our expert technicians are specialized in performing efficient and effective repair services on any make or model of furnace. We price ourselves on consistently innovating our services, using the latest tools and technologies to ensure that your repair job is performed quickly, with a lasting solution.

  • Reliable Furnace Repair Services for any make or model

You should not have to break the bank to regain comfort in your home. When you choose Headwaters Heating and Cooling for your furnace repair in Orangeville, you can be assured that you benefit from an exceptional level of service, at a fair market price.

  • Affordable, fair market prices for all Furnace Repair Services

For even more savings on your furnace repair bill, check out our Maintenance Protection Plans. A regularly maintained heating system can ensure that minor mechanical issues are identified and resolved before they impact the functionality of your furnace.


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Furnace Repair FAQs

Orangeville’s furnace repair experts share some top tips for troubleshooting any minor furnace issues.

How do I know if I need a furnace repair?

Knowing the early warning sings that something is off with your furnace, may save you money on a larger repair bill down the road. If you notice any of the following, it may be time to call in a furnace repair technician for an inspection:

  • Inconsistent heat distribution in your home
  • More dust on surfaces
  • Any leaks from your furnace
  • Unusual noises from your furnace

Help! My furnace won’t turn on!

Try these handy troubleshooting tips first; you may not need a furnace repair after all!

  • Check the disconnect switch on the side of your furnace – sometimes if something is leaning against it, it can be switched off. A quick flip of the switch may bring your furnace back to life.
  • Check the furnace circuit breaker on your home’s breaker panel.
  • Peek inside your outdoor furnace vents. Sometimes these can become blocked by debris, snow, slush, or small critters, which can cause your furnace to stop working. If you suspect that the blockage is deeper in your system, a furnace repair technician can properly clear the system.

For more information or for a free estimate/quote for Orangeville Furnace Repair, reach out to the Headwaters Heating & Cooling team today at 519-806-4911.

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