Reliable Heat Pump Repair Services

Heat pumps are a cost-effective heating and cooling system for Orangeville homes. These energy-efficient units have come a long way, evolving to provide dependable heat on even the coldest winter days, providing year-round comfort.

When you need reliable heat pump repair services in Orangeville, you can always depend on the Headwaters Heating and Cooling team. Our heat pump specialists are highly trained professionals with the skills and expertise to repair any make or model of heat pump.

Among our many HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) services, we offer heat pump repair, heat pump installation, heat pump replacement and heat pump maintenance.

Signs That You Need Your Heat Pump Repaired or Serviced

Heat Pump Repair
Like anything with moving parts, heat pumps sometimes need to be repaired. While heat pumps are reliable, they are not indestructible. There are a variety of factors that can cause a heat pump to fail, including damage, age and wear & tear. Here are a few signs of impending heat pump failure:

  • Poor airflow
  • Unusual odours – smoky, musty, mouldy or mildewy smells
  • Inconsistent heating and cooling
  • Rising energy consumption
  • Odd noises – rattles, bangs, flapping or screeching
  • Cycling on & off too frequently
  • Freezes up

If your heat pump is making noise, shut it off and call us right away for an emergency heat pump repair. If it exhibits any of the other signs on this list, now is the time to schedule a repair appointment.

Common Causes of Heat Pump Malfunctions

While regular maintenance is the most effective method of preventing heat pump failure, here are a few of the usual reasons why heat pump repair is required:

  • Heat pumps can often ice up during the winter months, but their defrost cycle should periodically remedy this. If your heat pump’s condenser unit is frozen and has not defrosted, you should have it looked at.
  • Thermostat malfunctions might be as simple as your thermostat being set to an improper setting. If your thermostat was recently replaced, it might be the wrong type for your unit or improperly wired.
  • Power issues – If your heat pump is not receiving power, double-check to see if your breakers have tripped. If this is not the case, give us a call.
  • A heat pump turning on and off too frequently could be overheating due to a clogged filter or a malfunctioning blower. An improperly calibrated thermostat may also cause the problem, an issue with the thermostat’s heat anticipator or in the case of a new installation, perhaps the thermostat is not located in the ideal spot.
  • A dirty heat pump filter can become so clogged with debris that it harms your heat pump’s performance.
  • Voltage surges, often from the blower motor, can trip a circuit breaker and cut off the power. You can check your home’s electrical panel, but the unit’s circuit breakers may be located inside the air handler cabinet, which is not a DIY fix.

If your heat pump is not heating or cooling correctly, Headwaters Heating and Cooling can help!

Benefits of Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

Having your heat pump repaired or maintained will deliver additional benefits beyond fixing the immediate issue. When you have Headwaters Heating and Cooling over to inspect your heat pump, we’ll also ensure all components are working correctly. This leads to increased energy efficiency and subsequently lower energy bills. A well-maintained system will run more smoothly and reward you with a longer lifespan.

Heat Pump Warranty Considerations

Did you know that most heating system warranties require annual maintenance appointments to remain in compliance? In addition, trying to repair your unit yourself may also void your warranty.

If you’re experiencing heat pump problems and think it might need to be repaired, call us!

Deciding Whether to Repair Your Heat Pump or Replace it

If your heat pump has been repaired repeatedly and you are considering replacing it with a newer, more efficient model; there are a few things to consider:

Safety – Has your unit become unsafe and a danger to your family?

Efficiency – Newer models are more energy-efficient, reducing your monthly utility bills.

Frequency of Repairs – Our customers love us, but if you’re seeing too much of us and the repairs are getting too frequent, maybe it’s time to think about an upgrade.

Headwaters can help you weigh these factors and consider your system’s future lifespan as you decide the ideal option for your home. The age of your heat pump, annual repair bills and energy savings associated with newer models should all be factored into your decision.

Some new heat pump systems come with various advantages, including the ability to replace propane as a fuel source, eligibility for government rebates and more.

If you’re in a situation where you need to decide whether to repair or upgrade your heat pump, Headwaters Heating and Cooling can help you make a fully informed decision with no pressure. We value the trust you place in us, and we’ll earn it!

Contact Headwaters Heating and Cooling Services at (519) 806-4911 to book a heat pump repair appointment in Orangeville today.

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